There’s a pervasive myth in our society that professional trade industries don’t pay as well as office jobs. Fortunately, for the thousands of men and women earning a living in the sheet metal industry, that is most certainly not the case.

In fact, a rewarding career in the sheet metal and air conditioning industry pays off in multiple ways. The sheet metal industry is both proud to serve our communities and to contribute to economic growth by providing high paying jobs with a full complement of benefits.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, union members earn, on average, 25% more than a non-union workers with the median wage for a SMACNA/SMART craft professional in the sheet metal industry averaging over $72,000.

For those pursing non-craft roles requiring a college degree or more experience, whether as a project engineer, estimator, safety director, or design engineer, compensation can range from $47,000 to more than $230,000+.

Aside from compensation, most companies offer competitive benefits, too. Benefits may vary by employer, but can include: health, dental and vision insurance; life insurance; disability; retirement plans; parental leave; vacation and paid time off.

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