Top 3 Reasons to Join an Apprenticeship Program

Top 3 Reasons to Join an Apprenticeship Program


Looking for a way to jumpstart your career?

Not interested in college debt?

Want to start earning money from day one?

If so, an apprenticeship program may be the solution you are looking for. Apprenticeships are a combination of traditional education and hands-on training that can provide you with invaluable job experience. Here are three reasons why you should consider an apprenticeship program:

1. Develop workplace skills: Apprenticeships are designed to give you a well-rounded approach to learning. You not only gain technical knowledge through courses, but also develop in-demand workplace skills such as problem solving, team collaboration and communication. Learning on the job, you’ll gain hands-on experience, increasing the quality of your work and providing insight into best practices. You’ll also learn about the company and its values should you choose to continue your career there post-apprenticeship.

2. Earn while you learn: Sheet metal apprentices can earn up to $275K over their 5-year apprenticeship. Earning a salary during your apprenticeship allows you to develop valuable on-the-job skills while earning and building your financial future. A personally and financially rewarding career is a win-win in our book!

3. Support the industry: Working as an apprentice, you are not only helping yourself excel and succeed, but you are also supporting your chosen industry. Not only do apprenticeships provide an opportunity for individuals to gain valuable skills, but they also provide the organization with dedicated and passionate employees who have a better understanding of the company’s goals, principles and operations.

The sheet metal industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, playing a major role in manufacturing and construction, and is expected to grow more than 4% by 2030—that means an increase in job opportunities! Training centers are eager to hire apprentices to kickstart a rewarding, well-paying career. Ready to get started? Click here to find a training center near you.


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