Student Chapters

Get Involved!


By forming a SMACNA student chapter, you can build a program that will lay a great foundation for launching your career. Student chapters help you learn and share common interests with others who will match your passion and pride that comes from a career in the sheet metal industry. 

Pride is a big part of SMACNA contractor work. In fact, I BUILT THATSM is a sentiment and rite-of-passage statement for everyone in the sheet metal industry to feel proud of the work they accomplish every day. With various SMACNA student chapters forming across the U.S., students have the chance to discover and explore the HVAC/sheet metal industry and the diverse career opportunities available.

This means exposure to the industry by learning about the different types of work and sectors as well as hands-on experiences and relationship building opportunities with local SMACNA contractors and members. From being a student chapter member to working as a fabricator to becoming CEO, and everything in between, there is a place for everyone in the industry.

If you would like to learn more about SMACNA student chapters and the benefits of a career in the HVAC and sheet metal industry, please email Jeff Henriksen at