Apprenticeships are a great way to earn while you learn. You’ll be part of a training program (which lasts approximately four to five years) to learn skills in the classroom, and then apply those skills in a hands-on, on-the-ground work environment. With an apprenticeship, your career begins immediately and you’ll be part of the training program for no tuition costs and no student debt.

Think you have what it makes to be an apprentice in the sheet metal industry? Successful apprentices:

    • Enjoy working with their hands
    • Are good problem solvers
    • Work well in teams
    • Have above-average mechanical and/or mathematical skills
    • Have excellent work and study habits
    • Have a high school diploma or GED

Though an apprenticeship in the sheet metal industry can be intense, it also pays well. Apprentices earn a salary that equates to as much as $250,000 over the course of five years.


Upon completion of the apprenticeship program, apprentices enter the field as a "journeyperson" and can earn up to $87,500 in their first year, and as much as $120,000 - $200,000 in wages and benefits within four to five years of graduating, depending on the career path they choose and where they live.

To learn more about local available apprenticeships, click over to the International Training Institute which is jointly sponsored by SMACNA and SMART.