How Long Does a Traditional Trade Apprenticeship Program Last?

How Long Does a Traditional Trade Apprenticeship Program Last? 


As you begin your journey as a sheet metal apprentice, you’ll typically take part in a training program to learn skills in the classroom one day per week, then apply those skills in the shop on the remaining days. Although the length of the apprenticeship may seem long, you are actually learning and working while earning a salary. The results of this learning lead to many career paths and opportunities because your skills are well-honed and above the level of the rest of the industry by the time you graduate. This results in a beneficial, life-long career with a top-paying wage to support you and your family. 

But with this in mind, how long does an apprenticeship last? 

According to the Department of Labor, apprenticeship programs can range in length from one to six years. Let’s discuss a sheet metal program specifically, and what it might mean for your future. 

How long is a sheet metal apprenticeship and is it worth it?

Sheet metal apprenticeship programs can last up to five years, placing such programs at the longer end of the spectrum. As one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, the sheet metal industry is a strong, long-term career field that offers one of the highest wages in construction.  

Here are the top reasons why sheet metal apprenticeship programs are worth it:  

Job Security  

A career in the signatory sheet metal industry is more than just a salary; it is a long-term, well-paying career. As one of the fastest growing and highest paid trades, employers in all sectors of sheet metal are eager to hire essential trade workers. From comprehensive benefits packages to working alongside industry experts, you are certain to find a rewarding career in sheet metal fabrication and other essential skilled trade positions within the sheet metal trade.  

Although longer than the average trade, a sheet metal apprenticeship program enables you to start earning at a job on day one of your training. You’ll immediately begin earning a living wage and gain qualifications that land you a great career in a growing industry. During this time, you get a raise every six months and will earn up to $250,000 over the course of your training. 

Career Outlook 

Sheet metal apprenticeships are a great way to earn while you learn. With a sheet metal apprenticeship program, your career begins as soon as the program starts, and you’ll be part of a training program that requires no tuition costs and no student debt.  

Becoming a sheet metal apprentice allows you to earn up to $250,000 over the course of the five-year program all while learning in-demand skills in a highly desirable trade. In the apprenticeship programs, your skills are transferable nationwide. Over the course of the program, you can take your skills anywhere in the country and remain employed – making skilled sheet metal training opportunities endless, regardless of where you live. With more than 120 training centers across the country, the sheet metal trade program teaches all apprentices the same skills in similar manners, providing a set of credentials that are employable anywhere within the network.   

Job Satisfaction  

Sheet metal apprenticeship programs tailor your career path for you. As one of the most satisfying and versatile trade choices, there are endless opportunities in the sheet metal industry full of reward and fulfillment.  

But what type of fulfillment you may be wondering? A sheet metal apprenticeship program offers so much more than just a salary. The training programs offer you opportunities to experience a variety of different sheet metal sectors within the field to ensure that you are finding the right fit for a long-term career.  

Now that you’ve learned how long a trade apprenticeship usually lasts, are you interested in learning more about apprenticeship program opportunities in the sheet metal industry? Click over to the training center now for more information.