6 Benefits of Being Trained through a Trade Apprenticeship Program

6 Benefits of Being Trained through a Trade Apprenticeship Program

According to the Department of Labor, there are more than 22,000 formal apprenticeship programs across the United States.
As one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, the sheet metal industry offers one of the best and most lucrative trade apprenticeship programs available.  If you are considering a career path that does not include college debt, this trade apprenticeship program will provide life-long skills while earning a grate wage.  

Whether you enjoy working with your hands or are looking for a rewarding, life-long career, the sheet metal industry has plenty of opportunities to succeed. Here are the top six benefits you’ll receive by pursuing a sheet metal apprenticeship program: 

1. Earn While You Learn 

Imagine if you could get paid to earn a college degree. While there are many exciting and appealing benefits of joining a sheet metal apprenticeship program, one of the biggest advantages is the ability to earn a decent living while gaining qualifications that enhance your career. Though an apprenticeship in the trades can be intense, apprentices can earn up to $250,000 in wages over the course of their apprenticeship training, while also gaining valuable work experience at the same time.  

2. Trade Professionals Are Here to Support You  

Employers in all sectors of sheet metal are eager to hire essential trade workers. And because of the nature of the sheet metal trade apprenticeship program, there’s always a knowledgeable person on-hand to help you develop skills and answer any questions you may have.  

An apprenticeship provides invaluable access to the years of experience that comes with working with veterans in the sheet metal industry. Trade professionals are onsite and take responsibility to guide apprentices through on-the-job training so that they can be set for success when it comes to identifying the specific career path of their choosing.  

3. Gain Valuable Experience 

Sheet metal is a highly desirable trade both for its unique skill sets and its earning potential. Through the sheet metal apprenticeship program, you’re certain to find a rewarding, well-paying career all while gaining a valuable experience. 

But what kind of experience you may ask? An apprenticeship is so much more than studying from a book. Instead, you will learn hands-on in the field developing a variety of different skills while heading to a classroom for a few hours each week to reinforce what you have learned in the field, or introduce you to a new skill that you will practice in future weeks.  That certainly beats sitting in a classroom everyday, doesn’t it? 

4. Obtain Industry-Recognized Credentials 

A registered apprenticeship program like the one operated by the sheet metal trade provides you with valuable skills and industry-recognized training that you can take to any part of the country and be employable by any signatory sheet metal contractors. With more than 120 training centers across the country, the signatory sheet metal trade teaches all apprentices the same excellent skills in similar manners, providing a set of skills and credentials that are employable anywhere within the network.  

5. No Traditional Job Search Needed 

The goal of any typical career training program is to make you employable upon graduation, but you aren’t guaranteed employment – you still have to find a job. However, a sheet metal apprenticeship program provides you with a job on day one of your career. From day one of training, you’ll be earning a living and learning new skills that land you a great career in a growing industry. This means exposure to the industry by learning about the different types of work and sectors. Apprentices gain industry-recognized qualifications throughout the program that enable them to take those skills to any part of the country and be immediately employable by any signatory sheet metal contractors. 

6. Develop Strong Career Prospects  

A career in sheet metal is a long-term fit, rather than just a salary (although, it bears mentioning that sheet metal is one of the highest paid trades!). The sheet metal apprenticeship program tailors your career path for you. As the most satisfying and most versatile trade choice, there are endless opportunities when exploring sheet metal fabrication and other essential skilled trade positions. 

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