Sheet Metal Contractor / Owner

Average Salary Ranges Vary Widely

A sheet metal or mechanical contractor owns their own business after years of working union labor in the field, in the shop, and in the office -- though usually holds a senior job position or a partnership before taking over management of operations.

Sheet metal owners are responsible for understanding customer needs and the local market in which they operate; understanding all aspects of business ownership and management of construction projects from bidding through installation (including HVAC contractorwork); building relationships and trust with key partners and customers; and showing value to the people they work with on various jobs and projects.

Key Skills

The sheet metal contractor or owner job is ideal for someone who is:

  • Hardworking
  • A problem solver
  • Experienced in leadership
  • Experienced in management
  • Experienced in sales / business
  • Experienced in communication


  • There is no right path to owning a sheet metal contracting business. However, industry experience and the key skills listed are useful.
  • Relevant work experience

Typical Benefits (may vary)

  • Health insurance
  • Dental coverage
  • Paid holidays and vacation
  • Paid sick days
  • 401(k)

Average Annual Compensation

Ranges vary widely depending on the operation and size of the shop. The compensation package for an owner of a contracting business can be complex due to the unrealized value locked in the business itself. Items like cars, homes, and trips can be business expenses or owned by the business, further complicating compensation value.

Career Paths: By Discipline