Career Spotlight: Get to Know Randy

a sheet metal superintendent working for Western Allied Mechanical

My job is challenging and rewarding. You get out of it what you put into it.

Randy Freitas

Sheet Metal & HVAC Industry Testimonial: Randy, Sheet Metal Superintendent

Hometown: San Ramon, California

I live with: My wife of 27 years, Renee, and my fox red Labrador Retriever, Abee. Our 22-year-old son, Marcus, is currently going to San Jose State University to become a mechanical engineer.

Education: Completed Sheet Metal Apprenticeship soon after high school.

Years in the industry: 37 years in the sheet metal industry with another three years as a welder prior to starting my apprenticeship.

My main responsibilities are: I am in charge of the sheet metal labor for the field and the shop.

# of promotions since I started: I started here as a journeyman. I became a foreman after one year and then became the superintendent 11 years later.

My job is: Challenging and rewarding. You get out of it what you put into it.

My first ever job was: As a cook for Kentucky Fried Chicken in high school.

My favorite subject in high school was: Math, but our high school offered many vocational classes that I enjoyed like woodshop, auto shop, welding, and metal shop.

To be good at my job you need to: Communicate well and have a good understanding of the company standards.

My favorite part of my job is: Working with great people as a team.

How I got my start in the industry: My second job in high school was a welder at a place that made bicycle frames. It didn’t pay much, but it was great experience. When I graduated high school, I went to Laney College to get certified in Mig and Arc welding. While there a sheet metal shop called looking for a welder. I took the job and learned about the sheet metal apprenticeship.

My advice to someone considering coming into this industry is: To contact the local union training center.

My favorite project was: Abgenix, a bio-tech company. It seemed that all of the major trades worked well together on that one. I became longtime friends with many of them who each became a superintendent at their shops soon after.

Proudest work accomplishment: Being part of the growth of a company that has a reputation for quality, and still maintains that “family” atmosphere.

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