Career Spotlight: Get to Know Burcin

a senior architectural designer

My job changes daily. It is a good balance of being out in the field doing hands-on work, and in the office doing design and detailing work.

Burcin Nalinci

Sheet Metal & HVAC Industry Career Reviews: Get to know Burcin, a senior architectural designer

Hometown: Ankara, Turkey

I live with: My dog Chester.

Education: Bachelor of Architecture, California Polytechnic State University

Masters in Architectural Technologies, Southern California Institute of Architecture 

Years in the industry: Six

My main responsibilities are: Research new methods of design and fabrication. I also help build up the design language of an office from concept to construction.

# of promotions since I started: Three

My job: Changes daily. It is a good balance of being out in the field doing hands-on work, and in the office doing design and detailing work. 

My first ever job was: A math tutor in a community college.

My favorite subject in high school was: I was always split between math and arts (sculpture).


To be good at my job you need to: Be passionate and willing to take the extra step. 

My favorite part of my job is: Seeing a project come alive from digital to physical, and the people I work with.

My least favorite part is: The hours can sometimes be demanding.

How I got my start in the industry: As I was studying architecture and working as a designer at architecture offices, I started focusing on digital fabrication and manufacturing technologies.

My advice to someone considering coming into this industry is: Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile, keep up the curious nature and always question towards new means and methods in construction and design.

My favorite project was: Personal favorite is definitely Robot Assisted Welding at Zahner. It was the ultimate project to combine architecture, design, technology and manufacturing. Architecturally, “The Glorya Kaufman Performing Arts Center” by AUX architecture, because the facade system turned out to be a unique assembly through simple methods and clean details. 

Proudest work accomplishment: Taking on complex facade design work and executing project delivery through simple methods at AUX.

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